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Parents' Morning Out​ 


Our PMO program is for children 9 months-2.5 years old by August 31, 2022. Potty training is not required for this class. As your child gets closer to potty training, PMO will  work with your child to support what you are doing at home. PMO is a wonderful way to introduce your child to preschool. While they are with us they do an art project, sing songs, play with toys and educational manipulatives, go outside on their playground everyday weather permitting, learn to socialize, share, and follow simple directions. They are provided a daily snack and enjoy story time. PMO has 3 teachers and a max of 12 children. 

PMO is open Mon.-Fri. 8:45-11:45 with 12:00 being last pickup. We use a punch card system. You purchase 4 days for $80 or 8 days for $160. You choose permanent days to be your spot. You may choose as little as 1 day a week or all 5. If for whatever reason you can't make it on your set day, you call the preschool by 8:15am and we will not punch your card. Your punches never expire. 

2.5 Year Old Class
This class is for those children 2.5 by August 31, 2022. This class is potty training in progress. To be eligible you must be actively potty training for at least 1 month prior to the start of school. Potty training is supported at the school but not initiated here. We have found that working together with parents has most in this class potty trained by Christmas Break. While your child is with us we will work on socializing with others, learning to sit quietly for stories, go to music everyday, make art projects, learn songs, and have center time with lots of free play. We also start using our ZooPhonics program to learn the alphabet with an animal, motion, and letter sound. We work on counting, shapes, colors, calendar time for days of the week, months, and special events. We have 1 head teacher and 1 Teacher's Aide to 10 children. 

This class is 8:30-11:30. We offer 3 Days a Week M/W/F $195 a month and 2 Days a Week T/Th $155 a month.

3 Year Olds


This class is for children 3 years old and fully potty trained by August 31, 2022. In this class your child will do art projects, learn about different subjects through our weekly themes, work on ZooPhonics to learn the alphabet, work on counting, fine motor skills, cutting, shapes, colors, calendar time, and go outside to the playground everyday weather permitting. We have center time where children are free to pick what they would like to play with dress up, cooking in the kitchen, blocks, drawing, reading, and more. We start working on recognizing, spelling, and writing their names. This class also helps children to continue working on socialization with their peers, learning to share, and take turns. We have 1 Teacher to 10 children.


This class is 8:45-11:45. We offer 5 Days a Week $255 a month, 3 Days a Week M/W/F $195 a month, and 2 Days a Week T/Th $155 a month. ​

4 Year Olds


Our 4 year old class is for those children 4 years old by August 31, 2022 ​This class works on skills needed for kindergarten. Following the weekly themes your child will do daily art projects. We begin the year going over the alphabet and the sounds of the letters using our ZooPhonics program. We work on recognizing their name and starting to write it. They enjoy daily calendar time where they go over the days, months, year, special events and holidays. The children have free play during center time, where they are welcome to play with blocks, art supplies, math manipulatives, kitchen, dress-up, library, and more. They continue to strengthen their social skills learning to take turns and cooperate together. During math they practice sorting, counting objects, patterns, and practicing writing their numbers. Daily they go out to our playground weather permitting and play in our indoor area if it is inclement weather. They enjoy going to music everyday learning new songs and playing simple instruments. We have 1 Teacher to 8 children.


This class is 8:45am-11:45am. We offer 5 days a week for $290 a month

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