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About Us


Northwoods Methodist Preschool is proud to be celebrating 52 years of nurturing children. Our preschool is an educational outreach program of Northwoods Methodist Church. At our preschool we believe in serving the development of each individual child socially, emotionally, and creatively while introducing them to the Christian faith through stories and play. We offer an active learning curriculum and believe children learn through their play. We have daily music class that introduces the children to instruments, music, and Spanish. Northwoods provides daily structure and routines that help to prepare your child for elementary education.


We offer many enrichment activities throughout their time with us. They will make fun art projects, have center time where they can free play in dress-up, play in the pretend kitchen, engage in self led art, play in the building center with blocks, check out the science center with stem activities and more. We work on math skills by sorting shapes and sizes, learning to count and skip count, patterns, working with math manipulatives and introducing ten frame to our older preschoolers.    

Physical development is also very important for your growing child. We help your child with these skills on our playground with daily outside time. Here they will run, jump, climb, swing, ride bikes and more. Indoors your child will use their hands to explore different materials like painting, sand table, play with playdough, and work on their grip for writing by using crayons, markers, and pencils. 

Northwoods is a great place to start socializing your child. We start as young as 9 months in our PMO Program. Here they will get the opportunity to play with their peers; working on taking turns, sharing, and imaginative play together.

At Northwoods your child's experience is of the upmost importance to us. We strive daily to meet their needs, and help them with a wonderful start to their educational journey. 

Upcoming Events:
Open House March 4th 6-7:30pm

Please join us at our Open House to tour the preschool, ask questions, and if you are interested enroll your child. If you know you would like to enroll please check the tab at the top to fill out registration forms. 

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