Kinder-Prep is for those children ages 4 or 5 by August 31, 2022. Throughout the year your child will work on becoming completely prepared for Kindergarten. At the beginning of the year we strive to meet your child where they are. We work on our letters and the sounds they make with our ZooPhonics program. Everyday we work on counting, sorting, patterns, and work with our math manipulatives. Daily the children work on writing.  As a class they work on their phonics and writing by drawing together and writing about it. By the end of the year they are writing small stories in their journals. During the day they have center time where they enjoy free play in the book center, kitchen, blocks, art, sand table,  dress-up and more. This allows the children to work on their socialization with their peers. They learn to work together and take turns. They also have daily calendar time where they learn about the days, months, and the year. They talk about special events and holidays. Daily they work on their sight words and by the end of the year they should be able to read 26 sight words. They get to enjoy the playground everyday weather permitting. If we have bad weather we have our Big Room where they can have fun inside playtime. They eat daily snack which parent's provide. We also have so much fun going to music class everyday learning new songs and instruments.  


Kinder-Prep is Monday-Friday 4 hours a day.  Tuition is $340 a month.  Tuition may be split the 1st and the 15th of the month if needed just inquire upon enrolling.

Mrs. Swarckof - 8:15-12:15  1 Head Teacher, 1 Teacher's Aide and 16 students

Mrs. Russick -8:30-12:30 1 Head Teacher and 10 students

Mrs. Thompson- 8:15-12:15 1 Head Teacher and 8 students